Boston Bombing Suspect Update: One Dead, One in Custody

Just in case you weren’t breathlessly watching coverage of being unable to see a suspect hiding under a tarp in a boat that wasn’t on fire you couldn’t see in a trailer behind a house you couldn’t see, the second Boston bombing suspect has been apprehended alive.

A few random interesting bits about the Boston Bombing suspects/events/coverage:

  • Older (now dead) brother recently became a devout Muslim.
  • Dead bombing suspect had a domestic violence conviction…and we didn’t deport him.
  • Jiahd comes to Boston.
  • History of the radicalization of Chechnya.
  • When David Sirota hoped the Boston Bombers would be white Americans, I don’t think he anticipated how little that being true would comfort him.
  • Mark Steyn on the media’s desperate attempts to avoid talking about Jihadism.

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