Statewide Race Roundup for August 9, 2013

Time for another quick roundup of statewide race news:

  • Even left-wing PolitiFact admits that Democrats are lying about Greg Abbott improperly moving funds.
  • They’re a lot tougher on Lt. Governor candidate Sen. Dan Patrick’s claims that funding for border security was cut in the latest budget.
  • The Texas Tribune looks at Abbott’s consultant spending.
  • Abbott, running for a statewide office, refuses to opine on national legislative tactics to defund ObamaCare. Stop the freaking presses!
  • The Washington Post offers up five facts about Abbott. For a change, they’re even accurate.
  • Abbot takes south Texas votes seriously.
  • Lt. Governor David Dewhurst shakes up his re-election team with new hires, including Ryan Hecker of FreedomWorks and Eliza Vielma (AKA Twitter’s @misslizaface) will be handling social media. Given how poorly Dewhurst performed in social media in the Senate race, that’s probably a good move.
  • Lt. Governor candidate and Agricultural Commissioner Todd Staples takes a swing at Dewhurst’s leadership in a fundraising letter.
  • But Staples, like all three of Dewhurst’s challengers in the Lt. Governor’s race, endorsed Dewhurst over Ted Cruz in last year’s Senate runoff.
  • Patrick has a new ad out. He looks sleepy. He may need to consider ptosis surgery.

  • Attorney General candidate Dan Branch defends defense of marriage. Unlike Tom Leppert, Branch doesn’t seem to have played footsie with Dallas’ gay rights community, and indeed was an (unsuccessful) target for them to defeat in 2008.
  • Speaking of Branch, Facebook briefly yanked, then restored, one of his campaign videos. This one I think:

    Which strikes me as well-produced, but pretty generic. Can’t see why any reasonable person would find it even remotely objectionable.

  • Sources tell me that Rep. Brandon Creighton gets into the Agricultural Commissioner’s race today.
  • And speaking of the Agricultural Commissioner’s race, Eric Opiela is evidently not only Joe Straus’ lawyer, but also managed (through some ill-advised emails) to hurt Republican redistricting efforts by making them easier to challenge in 2012.
  • On the Democratic side, Abortion Barbie inches closer to declaring her intention to lose to Abbott.
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