Breaking News: Cop Shot, Two Suspects Killed Outside Mohammed Art Exhibit in Garland

Evidently the suspects had explosives on them.

Organizer Pamela Geller is live-tweeting:

Details as the come out.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess they weren’t Unitarians…

Update 1: SWAT team is evidently evacuating the conference center and taking people over to a local high school. Ambulances on scene.

Update 2: Two Twitter feeds to follow for the story are Pamela Geller and WFAA reporter Jobin Panicker.

Panicker conveys rumor the two dead suspects were carrying AK-47s. That rumor almost invariably pops up during these types of incidents, but 98% of the time its wrong. But they may have had other MSRs.

Update 3: A nearby Wal-Mart has been closed, and another suspect is reortedly inside with a hand grenade.

Update 4 Evidently SWAT team members were already on site for the exhibit before the shooting started, which shows considerable forward thinking on someone’s part.

Update 4: Reports of Garland ISD policeman also being treated for a non-life threatening gunshot wound:

Unclear whether this is an additional policeman, or if this is the policeman who was initially shot.

Update 5:

Update 6:

Update 7:

Probably more likely than the “third suspect with a grenade” scenario.

Update 8: Not seeing reports of an additional cop shot besides the Garland ISD officer, so I believe that is the only law enforcement officer hit.

Update 9:

Garland’s Twitter feed is here.

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