Dear Texas State Congressional District 114 Voters: Please Retire Jason Villalba

Remember state Rep. Jason Villalba, the supergenius who tried to make it illegal for bloggers and gun owners to photograph the police? There’s just enough news on him to warrant a separate post (and plea to his Republican constituents that he be replaced).

  • First there’s the fact that Villalba opposes police pension reform. Because California is such a great model to follow there.
  • A group associated with State Sen. Don Huffines has laid down a whole bunch of attack mailers over Villalba’s enthusiasm over Texas expanding ObamaCare. Because Villalba evidently had a brain freeze and forgot he was supposed to pretend he was a Republican.
  • No wonder Villalba received an F rating on fiscal responsibility.
  • Language, Villalba, language! (Hat tip: Push Junction.)

  • Villalba has a primary challenger in Dan Morenoff, a Federalist Society member who would be a vast improvement over Jason Villalba. Then again, “X would be a better state representative than Jason Villalba” is an exceptionally target-rich environment…

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