Weird WordPress/Firefox Cache Issue

So I just published scenes from the liberal freakout, but it’s not showing up on the main blog page, nor in a next link from the previous page, nor linked from any of the Index topics. Visibility is on and the publication date is today.

Edited to add: This isn’t showing up either. Something screwy is going on…

Edited to add 2: This appears to be fixed in most browsers…except my own Firefox browser, which stubbornly insists on not showing the new content despite a restart and cache clearing.

Next step: Restart the Mac.

Edited to add 3: Restarting the Mac finally fixed the problem on Firefox…but that second note above still isn’t showing up in Safari on my iPhone. I’m starting to think something screwy is going on with Blue Hosts’s caching system…

Edited to add 4: Firefox now shows this post, but not the third note added above. Safari iPhone shows only the first note, Safari Mac shows only the first two notes. All the notes are visible when you click on the post itself, but not on the main blog page. This makes me think it’s a Blue Host caching issue (though they deny it via Twitter).

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  1. roadgeek says:

    Looks like they’re both appearing now. I use the Newsblur reader, and it appears there, and when I click through to the blog.

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