Twitter Suspends PolitiBunny

Another conservative voice silenced for Tweeting While Conservative:

Conservative Tweet @PolitiBunny, AKA Sam, AKA “The Foo,” is a happy conservative warrior and constant Twitter presence, far more sinned against than sinning. We had policy differences (she was #NeverTrump in 2016), but she always seemed pretty reasonable, so it seems odd that Twitter suspended here.

Or it would, if Twitter were not so fond of suspending conservative Twitter users for no reason at all.

I just dropped Sam a line to get her take. I know she suffered another false suspension in 2015.

See the #FREEPOLITIBUNNY and #freethefoo hashtags for more details.

Update: @PolitiBunny has been unsuspended and is tweeting again.

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4 Responses to “Twitter Suspends PolitiBunny”

  1. TANSTAAFL says:

    My account is suspended also.


    Tried to sign up again, the account is automatically suspended.

  2. ImJustSaying says:

    Why do you put up with tw itt er? Have you heard of Free speech lives there! Come on over and look around!

  3. Lawrence Person says:

    I’m on Gab (, but I have 1/00th the followers there as I have on Twitter.

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