Texas Senate Race Update for September 15, 2011

  • Concerned Women PAC endorses Ted Cruz.
  • Cruz will also be attending a Garland Tea Party event tonight.
  • David Dewhurst attended a town hall meeting in Kingwood.
  • Cruz has an Op-Ed in the Houston Chronicle calling for a real jobs program of limited government. “Government doesn’t create jobs. The private sector – entrepreneurs risking capital to meet a demonstrated need – creates jobs. But government can kill jobs.”
  • Tom Leppert had an interview with William Luntz of The Lone Star report.
  • Leppert was also at a Christian Legal Society luncheon today, but I can’t find a report of it, only photos.
  • The Texas Tribune says that if Rep. Mike McCaul gets in it could be a game-changer. Maybe. But thus far, The Texas Tribune staff have not impressed me with their deep understanding of inter-Republican Party dynamics.
  • Cruz attacks Dewhurst for his absentee campaign.
  • Elizabeth Ames Jones has an Op-Ed piece up on Real Clear Conservatives.
  • She also appeared at, um, some sort of dinner for the William Barret Travis Chapter of the Sons of the Republic of Texas. It’s an odd little piece on what sounds like an odd dinner.
  • Here’s part of a previously mentioned Cruz interview with The Texas Tribune, in which he goes after Dewhurst:

  • An actual Ricardo Sanchez sighting! (And here you thought he was in a dive bar in Laredo slamming cold ones with David Dewhurst and Fake Ted Cruz.) Granted, it was to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award in Community Service from the National Hispanic Sports Hall of Fame, rather than a campaign appearance. But still…
  • Glen Addison appeared at a Madison Tea Party event.
  • Addison also participated in a Llano Tea Party meet-and-greet last week. If it seems like Republican longshot Addison is running a harder-working, more serious campaign than Democratic frontrunner Sanchez in every area but fundraising, that’s because he is.
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