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Still More Bin Laden Fallout

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011
  • The ever-readable and redoubtable Christopher Hitchens.
  • James Taranto in the Wall Street Journal. Including why we went in with troops rather than B-52s: “The president wanted proof that bin Laden was dead. So he assembled a small death panel, which went to the compound in Pakistan and shot him.” Heh.
  • The White House seems to be unclear on some of the details of the operation. Not a good idea to be handing the “deathers” ammunition this early.
  • Three cheers for Dick Cheney’s assassination squad.
  • Stratfor on al Qaeda’s decentralized nature, and what Bin Laden’s death means for Jihadism.
  • And now, in honor of Bin Laden’s demise, and stolen from Dwight’s pal Borepatch, here’s Achmed the Dead Terrorist:

    Believe it or not, thought I had seen the “I Kill You!” pic, I had actually never seen the video before going to Borepatch’s site. Given that this video has over 133 million hits, I may be a wee little bit behind the curve on this one. Tune in next week when I cover such cutting edge Internet phenomena as Mahir’s website, an animated dancing baby, and cat pictures with funny misspelled captions…