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Solomon Ortiz Tries To Pull An Al Gore, Gets Bitch-Slapped By the State Supreme Court

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Remember during the aftermath of the 2000 election when Al Gore tried to get a recount done in just the counties that favored Democratic voters?

Well, soon-to-be-Ex-Rep. Solomon Ortiz just tried to do the same thing in the race he lost to Republican Blake Farenthold, asking for a recount of just three Nueces County precincts.

The Texas Supreme Court rejected his appeal, noting that state law requires all precincts to be included in the re-count.

Ortiz said he’ll refile the petition. A bit more information here, though it still doesn’t say which precincts. FWIW, here are the Nueces election night precinct-by-precinct results.