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Texas Senate Race Update for March 15, 2012

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

It’s been a very quiet week in the Senate race. I suspect that some of the candidates had already scheduled vacation or break time following the original March primary date, so I expect things to pick up shortly. But Both Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst released ads mentioning their fathers:

  • Ted Cruz has released two radio ads, one called “Fighter” and the other “Delivered”:

  • Forbes columnist Louis Woodhill looks at Ted Cruz’s economic program. He generally likes them, but doesn’t go far enough in some areas, and goes to far in seeking entitlement reform. I agree with the former and disagree with the latter.
  • David Dewhurst poached in Tom Leppert’s backyard by snaring the endorsements of six former Dallas County GOP leaders.
  • Dewhurst and Leppert both used the same March Madness Bracket Gag.
  • Dewhurst also has a new TV ad mentioning his father’s WWII service:

  • Leppert gets a profile in the Houston Chronicle.
  • Robert T. Garrett in The Dallas Morning news says that the “guilt by association” wars between Cruz, Dewhurst, and Craig James is more than a little silly. Unless there’s more to the Tony Podesta story than the Cruz campaign has been able to bring forth, I tend to agree.
  • Garrett also examines RedState’s comparison of Dewhurst to Charlie Crist. Certainly I’ve done my share of criticizing Dewhurst, but I believe the comparison with Crist is largely unwarranted.
  • James campaigns in Midland.
  • He also seems to be doing something of a straddle on the Texas Women’s Health Program issue:”I’m all for protecting life. I’m pro-life. I’m also for taking care of women and their health so there’s a balance somewhere in there, personal responsibility, and if they have a need for things, that they need to be able to take care of it themselves. If they can’t, then there needs to be a service to help them take care of their health issues.”
  • The Texas Tribune talks about Texas having a conservative core of voters, and how that’s affecting the presidential and Senate races (among others). It’s actually not too bad as these things go, but I do wonder if anyone has ever done a similar profile on “extremely liberal” voters?
  • Finally, I still haven’t been able to meet with David Dewhurst or Craig James for interviews. If the campaigns of either are reading this, and your candidate will be in either Austin or Houston sometime in the next month, please contact me so we can set up an interview.