Best Presidential Campaign Ads of the Last 30 Years

So Mitt Romney’s campaign has taken Obama’s yawning gaffe and run with it, producing a dozy of an ad called “These Hands”:

I like it!

But people calling it “the best political ad in 30 years” are overselling it. Even if you’re just looking at Presidential ads, there are several I think are a lot more effective.

Here’s the Dukakis Tank ad from George H. W. Bush’s 1988 presidential campaign:

Here’s Swift Boat Veterans for Truth’s devastating ad against John Kerry, using his own words against him in 2004:

(By the way, whenever you hear someone on the left saying that one of their candidates has been “swiftboated,” it means is “Republicans have attacked them effectively with the truth.”)

Here’s Ronald Reagan’s Bear in the Woods campaign from 1984.

And here’s Reagan’s Morning in America ad:

Any I missed?

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