Venezuela Slides Toward Civil War

I knew things in Venezuela were bad, thanks to the magic power of socialism, but now they’re poised to get a whole lot worse.

“Over the past week, Venezuelan protesters have been fighting against corruption in the government, high inflation, and a high murder rate.”

The unjust, corrupt and incompetent socialist government of Hugo Chavez protege Nicolas Maduro just raided the offices of the main opposition party

Also, they just expelled three U.S. diplomats.

Here’s the skinny in a video nutshell:

Torture, repression, censorship, media control; Chavez and Maduro certainly learned Fidel Castro’s old playbook.

Ditto the economy, where inflation tops 50% and good shortages are widespread thanks to the usual socialist mismanagement and currency controls. (In just one indicator, Toyota suspended production in Venezuela due to the hard currency shortage. But at least Toyota sold 722 cars in January, while Ford sold a grand total of…2.)

The situation in Venezuela can’t get better as long as the current socialist government is in power, but Maduro’s thugs won’t leave without a fight.

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