Blogroll Addition: Conservative Treehouse/The Last Refuge

On a comment on yesterday’s post, someone suggested I follow Conservative Treehouse/The Last Refuge. Actually, I have been following them, as indicated here. But they’re right in that it’s high time to add them to the blogroll, which I’ve done.

I don’t buy 100% of their deductions of the shape of various events, but their hit rate is high enough to merit inclusion here for the Clinton/Obama/FBI/DOJ/FISA/Unmasking scandularity (as Stephen Green calls it).

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2 Responses to “Blogroll Addition: Conservative Treehouse/The Last Refuge”

  1. BigGator5 says:

    Why am I not on the Blogroll? Just kidding! I know That I don’t post much.

  2. Lawrence Person says:

    I tend to think of you as a Twitter Guy rather than a Blog Guy. Do you have a blog?

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