LinkSwarm for May 11, 2018

You know what doesn’t seem to be happening today? An all-out war between Israel, Syria and Iran.

  • The media is killing the Democratic Party by trying to help it and focusing on trivial bullshit.
  • Is Robert Mueller destroying the Democratic Party? (Hat tip: DirectorBlue.)
  • Nancy Pelosi says she wants to be Speaker again. How nice of her to fire up the Republican base for midterms…
  • Democratic advantage on generic congressional ballots down to 1.2%. And that’s from Reuters, which is not known to be particularly Republican or Trump friendly…
  • Ann Althouse on those silly Russian Facebook ads:

    I’m thinking that the Democrats who are making such a big deal out of these ads really don’t themselves believe in democracy. They have been going on and on for a year and a half about how Donald Trump shouldn’t be President. Personally, I want to believe in democracy, and what I saw back in November 2016 is that the American people voted Donald Trump into office. I accept that he is rightfully President because he won the election. It bothers me tremendously that so many people won’t do that. I think they do not believe in democracy. And I know they are leaning very hard into the argument that what happened wasn’t real democracy. Look at those stupid ads they’ve made such a big deal about!

    AND: Please don’t tell me about Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote. What if Donald Trump had held rallies in upstate New York and various places in California, etc. etc.? He won the election that was held. She won an imaginary election that he wasn’t competing in.

  • For the first time in two decades, job openings equal the number of unemployed. Usual statistical caveats apply.
  • Maybe that’s because President Trump’s high pressure economy looks to raise wages for workers. (Hat tip: Mickey Kaus.)
  • All the questionable financial dealings of Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti. (Hat tip: Director Blue.)
  • Want to review the original data on global warming? Too bad. There is no data. Only Zuul.
  • Antifa vandalizes Portland police cars. (Hat tip: Ed Driscoll at Instapundit.)
  • Google has decided that arrested black people just need to stay in jail.
  • Baghdad now has thriving night life and bars again. Plus men sport hairstyles that look like they’re auditioning to play the next alien race on Star Trek. Also this: “As the war against ISIS wound down, [Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-]Abadi began removing the drab, ugly concrete blast walls that once divided neighborhoods. The government is moving many of these barriers to the Syrian border, where it is creating a wall to keep out ISIS militants.” (Hat tip: Instapundit.)
  • George Deukmejian, RIP. (Hat tip: Dwight.)
  • Bret Easton Ellis on Kayne West’s redpilling: “As someone who considers themselves a disillusioned Gen-X’er, I think there IS a backlash brewing against leftist hysteria…What I used to semi-align myself with has no answers for anything right now, just constant bitching and finding ways to delegitimize an election.” And if you can’t trust the author of American Psycho to offer unbiased political commentary, who can you trust?
  • “Cultural appropriation is not a glitch of American life. It’s a feature. It’s part of what makes the country great. We take your culture, we get rid of the oppression, the mass murder, the slavery, the intransigent poverty and the endless internecine wars. We keep the pasta and the funny hats.”
  • Uber software decided pedestrian was a false positive. Result: Dead pedestrian.
  • Since Dick’s Sporting Goods has decided to lobby for gun control (just how does that increase shareholder value for a sporting goods company?), Springfield Armory has cut ties with them.
  • As has Mossberg.
  • Happy 112th birthday to Austin’s own Richard Overton!
  • “She also said that Janet Museveni had no power over her, because, as the mother of twins, she had endured a pain Museveni would never know. Her vagina was bigger and more powerful than Museveni’s, Nyanzi said.” (Hat tip: Ann Althouse.)
  • Now some links from the “Old News Is So Exciting!” file:

  • Since I was distracted primary week by a dying dog, this bit of news slipped under the radar and I only recently realized I forgot to report it: Democratic State Rep. Dawnna Dukes went down in flames back in March, along with fellow Democratic state reps Roberto Alonzo of Dallas, Tomas Uresti (brother of convicted felon and former state senator Carlos Uresti) of San Antonio, and Diana Arevalo of San Antonio.
  • From 2015: “Police find 3,700 knives, satanic shrine in mobile home of Florida woman who tried stabbing an officer.” I think that’s taking your cosplay too far. Also, unless your ID card says “Sarah Kerrigan,” you don’t get to be the Queen of Blades…
  • This Penny Arcade post is actually from several years ago. I thought it was a swell piece of writing then, and since Tycho relinked to it recently, I read it again, and still think it’s a swell piece of writing. I commend it to your attention.
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