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Republican Ann Marie Buerkle Takes NY25

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Republican Ann Marie Buerkle has defeated Democratic incumbent Dan Maffei in New York’s 25th Congressional District.

That brings the total Republican House gains up to 63 seats.

Pending House Races Update

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

National Journal updates the state of play in the House races that still haven’t been decided yet.

Short version:

  • California 11: Democratic incumbent Jerry McNerney holds a 628-vote lead over Republican David Harmer, but not all ballots from Republican-leaning locales have been counted yet.
  • California 20 Republican Andy Vidak leads Democratic incumbent Jim Costa by a mere 145 votes.
  • Illinois 8: Republican Joe Walsh leads Democratic incumbent Melissa Bean, which should hold up unless Cook County cooks up some fraud (and when has that ever happened?).
  • Kentucky 6: Democratic incumbent Ben Chandler leads Republican Andy Barr by 649 votes, recanvass starts next week
  • New York 1: Republican Randy Altschuler leads Democratic incumbent Tim Bishop by either 392 votes or 383 votes.
  • New York’s 25: Republican Ann Marie Buerkle leads Democratic incumbent Dan Maffei by 659 votes, but there are still ballots to be counted.
  • Texas 27: Republican Blake Farenthold leads Democratic incumbent Solomon Ortiz by 792 votes, with only 736 overseas and provisional ballots left to count. Ortiz wants a manual recount.