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And Then There Was One

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

The race between Democratic incumbent Timothy Bishop and Republican challenger Randy Altschuler for New York’s 1st first congressional district is the last undecided House race of 2010.

Bishop is ahead by some 200-odd votes, but Altschuler has been gaining due to absentee and military ballots (despite New York sending troops ballots later than required by law). There are also appears to have been some voting fraud in the race.

I expect this race to see quite a few court days before all is said and done…

Pending House Races Update

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

National Journal updates the state of play in the House races that still haven’t been decided yet.

Short version:

  • California 11: Democratic incumbent Jerry McNerney holds a 628-vote lead over Republican David Harmer, but not all ballots from Republican-leaning locales have been counted yet.
  • California 20 Republican Andy Vidak leads Democratic incumbent Jim Costa by a mere 145 votes.
  • Illinois 8: Republican Joe Walsh leads Democratic incumbent Melissa Bean, which should hold up unless Cook County cooks up some fraud (and when has that ever happened?).
  • Kentucky 6: Democratic incumbent Ben Chandler leads Republican Andy Barr by 649 votes, recanvass starts next week
  • New York 1: Republican Randy Altschuler leads Democratic incumbent Tim Bishop by either 392 votes or 383 votes.
  • New York’s 25: Republican Ann Marie Buerkle leads Democratic incumbent Dan Maffei by 659 votes, but there are still ballots to be counted.
  • Texas 27: Republican Blake Farenthold leads Democratic incumbent Solomon Ortiz by 792 votes, with only 736 overseas and provisional ballots left to count. Ortiz wants a manual recount.

LinkSwarm for Saturday, 11/6/10

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Now that the rush of the election is over, I’ve been taking it (relatively) easy for the past few days. Expect more post-election analysis next week. We’re also still waiting to hear back on not only those eleven House races where recounts are still ongoing, but there’s a twelfth race, between Democratic incumbent Tim Bishop and Republican challenger Randy Altschuler for New York’s First District, that is not only up in the air due to 3,500 ballots wrongly attributed to Bishop, but which Altschuler now leads (though several thousand absentee, etc. ballots remain to be counted). Once that is done I can do a post-election analysis of my predictions. (Pending those outcomes, it looks like I did pretty well for my House prediction, but not as good on the Senate.)

In the meantime, here are a few links of interest