Obama to Troops: Drop Dead

When I first read on Ace of Spades that Obama intended to let our soldiers go without paychecks during the shutdown, I was somewhat incredulous. After all, even Obama should be able to see how lousy the “optics” are with withholding paychecks from troops involved in no less than three wars kinetic military actions overseas. Surely not even Obama could be that stupid?

Evidently I was wrong. Obama would rather let our troops go without pay than stop taxpayer funding of abortions.

To dramatize the issue, I’ve actually created a small film about the topic. I’ve taken the details of who all will still be getting checks in a shutdown from this piece up on Reason (which was, in turn, taken from The New York Times, saving you the 15 seconds it would have taken you to defeat the paywall…) Keep in mind that I’m putting it up in advance of the actual shutdown, so the details may vary…

I did this quick and dirty, and I didn’t see any actually U.S. soldiers as part of any character sets…

(Hat tips: Dwight, Ace, and Insta.)

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  1. usmc says:

    our chain of command briefed us as, yea, you wont get paid, but your essential personal, so you still have to work, this isn’t the civilian life, you dont have that option

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