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Broadcasting Bigwigs Behaving Badly

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

The torrent of Endless Media Pervbag revelations that started with Harvey Weinsetin has zoomed past water-hose, torn through fire hydrant, and is now at raging river conditions.

The latest skeaves caught? Today show host Matt Lauer and Prairie Home Companion windbag Garrison Keillor.

How skeazy was Lauer? Really, really skeazy:

As the co-host of NBC’s “Today,” Matt Lauer once gave a colleague a sex toy as a present. It included an explicit note about how he wanted to use it on her, which left her mortified.

On another day, he summoned a different female employee to his office, and then dropped his pants, showing her his penis. After the employee declined to do anything, visibly shaken, he reprimanded her for not engaging in a sexual act.

Oh, he also had a secret button to lock his office door from his desk.

You may wonder what genius at NBC approved that expense, but look on the bright side: They probably turned down his request to build a secret bondage dungeon as “too expensive.”

More skeazy details here.

By contrast, the details about PBS canning Keillor seem considerably vaguer:

Garrison Keillor, creator of A Prairie Home Companion, has been evicted from his longtime radio home at Minnesota Public Radio after reported “inappropriate behavior” by the 75-year-old host.

MPR communications director Angie Andresen confirmed his dismissal in a statement posted to the broadcaster’s website Wednesday that did not detail the nature of the allegations. The organization announced it would “end its business relationship with Keillor’s media companies effective immediately.”

The broadcaster will erase Keillor, one of public radio’s most famous voices, from its air and website, including renaming Companion, the variety show he created in 1974 and hosted until 2016, when he retired and handed over creative control to his handpicked replacement, musician Chris Thile. In addition, MPR will no longer air rebroadcasts of Keillor’s old shows, nor will it produce or distribute his remaining syndicated series, The Writer’s Almanac.

I’m not a fan of Keillor, but it almost seems like someone at MPR had a long-standing grudge against him and used a single complaint to make him an unperson.

Said Keillor: “If I had a dollar for every woman who asked to take a selfie with me and who slipped an arm around me and let it drift down below the beltline, I’d have at least a hundred dollars.”

And who can doubt that women are irresistibly drawn to his smoking hot, sensual body?

And as long as we’re talking about Keillor, here’s The Simpsons on his special brand of humor:

Some final tweets:

Vox Proves Its Cultural Criticism Is Just As Competent As Its Political Coverage

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Last night was the much-anticipated Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode. I enjoyed it, since it played very well with the bringing the Family Guy tropes into The Simpsons universe, right down to using Hans Moleman and Kang and Kodos. The episode was definitely elevated by the Homer/Peter fight, especially when Homer starts throwing a closet full of Emmy Awards at Peter.

Naturally, Vox hated it, with “9 ways the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover was a blight on humanity.” (Hyperbole much?)

It being Vox, they also got the description of #7 wrong: “Peter and Homer drank gasoline out of the hose when trying to steal it, then got turned into a German porn.” They weren’t trying to steal it, they were trying to “think like a car” to find Peter’s stolen car. And we know they didn’t steal it, because Homer actually says “Keep drinking! I prepaid forty bucks!”

Oh, and #8 and #9 are both “this show is politically incorrect! Wah!”

Vox’s whining just makes me enjoy the crossover that much more…

(Which is not to say that either show is above criticism, since The Simpsons is clearly past its prime and needs a new infusion of talent. I stopped watching Family Guy when both the mediocre American Dad and the unwatchable The Cleveland Show (both of which got nods in the crossover) proved that Seth McFarland was spreading himself way, way too thin; he had about the same number of laughs spread out over all three as used to be in Family Guy. Maybe it’s back to being funny enough to be worth watching now.)

Here’s the official crossover trailer:

And here’s the full episode I’m sure Fox’s lawyers will get yanked just as soon as they discover it:

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Here’s an event I can get behind: Everybody Draw Mohammed Day on May 20.

If you’re not up on Comedy Central’s cowardly censorship of the latest South Park episode, this Mark Steyn piece will get you up to speed, as well as being full of the usual Mark Steyn goodness.

Just in case you haven’t seen it, here’s Jon Stewart on The Daily Show on the controversy:

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And, of course, this is obligatory:

Updated: The blackboard quote for tonight’s episode of The Simpsons was “South Park: We’d be standing beside you if we weren’t so scared.”